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MIUI XIAOMI M1 BootAnimation for Blade

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Today I salvaged the new MIUI bootanimation off the Xiaomi phone and put it on the Blade and anyother HDPI phone

-------_-/* TO INSTALL *\-_-------

- Download the Bootanimation.zip

- Copy that to the ROOT of the SD-CARD

- Get RootExplorer, in link description

- Open RootExplorer

- Copy the bootanimation.zip

- navigate to the directory of system/media

- Click the Mount R/O or whatever that button says ( the one in top right hand corner )

- Paste the Bootanimation

- Click that button the one in top right hand corner

- Reboot phone and there you have the Xiaomi bootscreen

to see video of bootscreen visit: youtube.com/theandroidcity

My youtube consists of cool themes including miui for CM7 and Sense 3.0

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ALSO MY iOS theme is nearly complete

will be in my youtube either next week or week after!


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