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A-Link Pad3G

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Hi! I need some help with this device. As far as google it seems almost unknown, and A-Link dont have any support for it, in terms of software updates or such. And it comes with a crappy 1.6 android, its so sluggish that its basically useless. I am sure it could work with a nice unofficial 2.x android version. But I cant find any info, no discussion regarding the device or anything. Only piece of info I found was, that it might be sold by the name "Ego" in the USA. All I know is that its just another chinese el cheapo tablet branded to alink. Here are some details from alink: http://www.a-link.com/fi/PAD3G/product.php

Any help would be highly appreciated, as right now I have a useless device and I wanted to give it to my dad, but a device like this I dont want to give as I dont hate my father:D

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