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Lost in translation....

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I had a quick Google as to why my girlfriend's Android suddenly kept asking "add to blacklist" when I called her after I'd updated MY Android to Ginger Stirfry.

Here's the first result:

To get proposed we need to daub upon a contacts focus as well as afterwards name a specific hit which we would similar to to block. Next we will have to daub upon a ‘Menu’ pass followed by drumming upon a ‘More’ option. Here we will be shown with a choice called ‘Add to black list’ which would now retard this number. Next time which specific hit tries to hit you, they would not be means to bond with we though if we try to hit which chairman we would be means to do that.

Didn't learn an answer, but had a good lol..

This is still my favourite translations of all time though - I actually have one of these!

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