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Video not working after factory reset

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My 2.5 year old got hold of my streak and mysteriously fouled it up (many fc's on many apps). I did a factory reset and re flashed DJ 1.9.1 on my ATT streak. All seemed well as I suffered from the random reboots which seemed to be cured. However I went to take some video of said 2.5 year old and the camera app fc'd over and over(process com.android.camera has stopped working). I took the battery out and rebooted and reflashed 1.9.1 to no avail. I'm trying to avoid a factory reset again so I'm just looking for some suggestions. And yes I searched the forums first(i got yelled at the last time). Thanks for any help.

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Chances are you didnt do a full fatory reset last time and the issues are comming back to haunt you :(

There are 3 types of factory rest:

1) Clockwork / Streakmod (Doesnt work properly)

2) Dells factory reset (Option one in recovery)

3) PKG flash plus all the above

I would always recommend option 3 as you will be very unlikely to develop any issues after a complete reflash. Option one doesnt work so your not left with much options..

(For option 3 you will need to fastboot the stock recovery, flash the PKG then reflash streakmod before you can install a custom rom.. Its a drag but well worth it)

Titinium backup can completely backup and restore your apps / data.. So all in all it shouldnt take much longer than 30mins to get your streak backup and running almost exactly as ot was before.

Alternatively if you want to try a quick bodge fix you could try "fixing permissions” under streakmods "advanced" menu.. May help although, having never used it, I cant guarantee its safe

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