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B7610 Problem Solving

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Hi to all,

I open this topic to list and try to solve the problem that may occur during the utilisation of this device

I post the problem that i've found and the solution to solve them.

Of course if somebody have some problem or knows some solution please post it here


I can't connect to any wifi network


Search for SKTools and download it

Install it on you're device.

After some "first time" settings search the TCP/IP board (two times right)

In this board search "Wlan Support 802.11G" and select yes (by default it could be "NO")

Select "Done" and close SKTools

Reboot your device.

Now it should works


My B7610 didn't connect to GPS signal


1) Search and install GpsGate and Visual GpsCe

2) launch GpsGate

3) Choose "Start GpsGate after SoftReset" and "never ask me again"

4) Tap "Start"

5) In the next screen only choose "wired or Built in Gps"

6) Tap >

7) Wait while the programm search

8) In the screen that pop ups tap yes

9) in the next screen only choose "share with nmea applications"

10) Tap >

11) Confirm with "OK"

12) A screen with "Virtual Com Port 2 created", tap OK

13) The programm will close, restart it

14) A menu will appear, select "settings"

15) Go to the "advanced" board and select "show more options"

16) Select the "input" board

17) next to "com 7" tap "Close"

18) still in the "input" board, you will find "advanced", choose retry connection on timeout","close imput when idle" and "power off close"

19) Where we had put close (near Com7, see step 17) put open

20) In the advanced board select "Start GpsGate after soft reset"

21) Tap "OK" and close the programm

22) Reboot your device

23) The programm could ask to repeat the step 3 (but it's not sure)

24) Launch the program that requires the GPS (like car navigator)

25) choose and select "Bluetooth GPS Receiver" and set "Fransom Com Port 2" as gps port

26) Launch GpsCe and tap"agree"

27) In the board "connect" select "serial port(comm port) and then "Com 7" with "baud 4600"

28) If you want to make the fix faster enable "XTRA Download"

Now it should all works, the first time the fix will be a bit slow, don't panic and from the second time the fix will be very very fast


I can't modify the sms skin


First of all check if you have threadened sms sctivated.

To do this go in the registry key HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Inbox\Settings\OEM and change SMSINboxThreadingDisabled from 1 to 0.

Once done this, with a file Explorer like "total commander" open the Windows folder and search the iframe_style.css file and cut and copy to another location (for example the root of the microSD).

Rename it to iframe_style_white.css and put it again in Windows folder and overwrite it.

Restart your device.

Install the skin that you want


I can't install android on my device


See My link


When I connect my device to the Tv i can't here no audio

I hope this thread will be useful for someone.

Sorry for my grammatical mistakes but i'm italian.

Edited by Isascaboy89

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