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ZTE Skate 1GHz speculation

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Ok, obviously we all know about as much as each other regarding the 1GHz Skate (i.e. not a lot) but I think many of us are curious about these questions, so it may be interesting to get people's thoughts on the revised Skate reportedly due to be released in the near future. This may simply be speculation or it may be official information you've heard that the rest of us may not have.

1) When do you think the 1GHz Skate will be released?

2) Roughly how much do you expect it to cost?

3) Will Orange eventually start supplying the newer version or will it be available as an unlocked device only?

4) Is it likely to be an ARMv7 CPU or simply an overclocked version of the current processor?

5) Do you think there will be any other notable differences between the two versions other than the price and the CPU (i.e. improved camera, etc.)

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