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MIUI and App Inventor

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Hi - as a newbie here, I hope this is a suitable place to ask this...

I want to try App Inventor, but I can't get adb on my PC to see my Huawei Ideos X5 with MIUI installed. I have turned on USB debugging, restarted the phone, tried with both USB storage on and off (which should it be?), turned off Lookout anti virus, and anything else I can think of.

Is there some special USB driver I need for MIUI, or should I use the U8800 one? The Huawei isn't one of the phones that is supported in the USB drivers that come with App Inventor, and it says to manually install, but where can I get a suitable USB driver?

Thanks in anticipation...


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If your running windows try these drivers: http://www.mediafire...5z6i5cv8l6br292

They work for me :)

Thanks for that - I should have said I'm using Windows 7. I just tried your suggested driver, but they won't install in Win 7using the .inf, and I tried right-clicking the DLL files individually and registering them, but still no joy.

Any other suggestions?

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Are you use 64bit windows 7? If so may be worth trying on a 32bit machine.

Nope - I'm using a 32 bit version. Should the .inf file installation work for Win 7/32 bit?

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