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Newbie upgrade question

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I have just upgraded from Gr2 to Gr3 which went just fine, I just wondering if there are something else I should/could/would upgrade.

Thinking about the baseband - but I'm not sure about the gains, I only know I'll need to wipe my device. I'm also not sure about then ext3 or ext4 thingy what is that and why/not should I upgrade. :rolleyes:


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I would go with the baseband that is recommended. Some basebands are considered to have better call quality than others. Don't forget you also need the corresponding RIL you can get this via getRIL available on the market.

ext4 is just a different way of formatting your SD card, it allows for larger file sizes amongst other things. I wouldn't bother with this unless you are flashing something that specifically requires it.

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