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Nillkin Shield(Skin Cover) for Skate

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Dear all,

I have received the shields(a screen protector is include for each shield) I order from China(淘寶網) today!

The colors I ordered are white and brown, there are 6 colors available shows on the pack

(W/BK/BLUE/PINK/GR/Purple, But I only saw 4 colors:W/BK/BR/Purple, one for 28 RMB)

Here are some pics! It is made by hard plastic and fit well!

After installed this cover, it more easier for handling, I think the feel of handling of a bare skate isn't good

(Photo by xperia x8 so the details may not be so clear)










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Thank's for the info... it's getting better, but why leave the ends completely uncovered? That's just plain stupid :blink:

your right, stupid...both the top and bottom aren't protected....

that won't offer any protection when it bounces off the floor...

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When did you buy them? How many days did the shipping last? :)

I bought them from a website called t a o b a o from China.

It takes about 3 days from China to Taiwan, and the transportation charges 30 RMB from China to Taiwn(my home)

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