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[DEV] Official ZTE Libra Gingerbread (Android 2.3.5)

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how long have you been running this rom for?

less than 24 hours and complaining about battery life?

Don`t get me wrong, I know about battery life in new roms. I change them frequently. I know it may be short, but never like this one. It`s very short. Not less than 24H, but for like 3 days, I flashed it just when it showed up.

What about slowness of it? I saw some debug references in build.prop (debug.composition.type=mdp) Is debuging enabled on this rom?

I noticed also, that it has hw acceleration enabled by default.

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6 Flash Clockwork Mod 4.0.15 for Gen 2.5

Sorry, where did you take this? I can't find?

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just to confirm cm7 does not work with gen 3, due to ril issue, you get no data or calls.

going to self kang cm7 with proprietary files pulled from my gen3, then compare with gen2 to work out which files have changed to look at building a universal converter zip for gen3

ok, 1st issue:

gen3 no longer uses libloc.so it does not exist in the zte 2.3.5 rom So build breaks as gps.blade.so requires obj libloc.so Off to edit a few more lines in device target

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