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How to mod an APK and install it??

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I've been tinkering with a tool called APK Edit and apktool.jar both can import / export files inside APK archives.

This can be useful for changing application resources and security permissions thus reducing storage requirements.

While I had no difficulty rebuilding APK files they never install even if I rebuild the same APK with no content chances.

What am I doing wrong, is there any work around??

I'm sure this is possible since I have the new YouTube application (hacked and modded) running on my Android 2.1 handset.

Richard S.

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maybe you are not signing your repacked apk file? i installed apk manager 4.9 in my android-sdk/tools folder, have no probs editing my apks even xmls in it.. apk manager 4.9 has the following:



Apk Manager v4.9

ApkTool v1.3.2

7za v4.6.5

Roptipng v0.6.3

Sox v14.3.1

Android Asset Packaging Tool v0.2

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Yes the problem was unsigned APKs it would appear that neither of my tools supported this.

Anyway I did some searching today and found a tool to correct this called signapk.jar

Not sure who wrote signapk.jar but needless to say it does the trick. :)

Richard S.

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