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Mod Of Blade/Libra 2.3.5 Official (GEN 3 Only)

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Yea this room is converted to gen2 :/ Do you know maybe some other room for gen 3?

It may well be hardware diff's in your blade

or your language setting

there's a newer build from ZTE that bustlam has deodexed

give that a try


1. Put your'e phone to debugging mode.

2. Plug the usb cable to your phone.

3. When you do this use this program: http://www.mediafire...y2ezlzof26ykr6r

4. Wait moment and this is all :)


I am at 6 Flash Clockwork Mod step

But i dont know how to do it...:S

Put it debugging mode, turn off the phone, or what should i do?

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