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No data through USB, just power. forced OTA??

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That's it, the USB is not working. The only thing it does is charge.

I have tried several cables, 3 computers and some of the most common ROMs (included a stock one). Drivers are fine, the phone isn't even recognized by any PC nor the PC recognized by the phone.

Already tried to power down and remove battery for some minutes, reboot computer and try again with no success.

So it probably is hardware malfunction. Witch leads me to the subject:

How can i stockify the phone completely?

-I have a stock CWM backup

-I know of this file to remove clockwork recovery

all i am missing is the root access and the official baseband.

Is it possible to force or simulate some kind of OTA and flash the baseband via CWM? or any other way that does not require an USB connection??

really could use some help here :(

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