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- New System Apps - (GAPPS, Market, Gallery, Music...) + MyMediaFireShareFolders

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This thread is a collection of the newest versions of system apps and other useful stuff.

Please feel free to continue and upload newer versions if you get hold of any, i will include them in first post then ! This thread is all about sharing !!

Most files are flashable zip´s for recovery, they will install to system/app (and possibly overwrite old versions, i´ll keep standard name)

I test everything before i post here, but there´s no guarantee it will also work for you, don´t blame me ... ;)

Apps like Gmail, Youtube, Maps are not included, just get them from market.

This is the folder of this thread, it contains everything listed here -> SystemAppsFolder

Index : (updated : 02.11.2011)

-> Market 3.3.11 (Speed up market using WIFI : install "set DNS" from market - setting : "openDNS" - thx temasek for finding out)

-> unofficial CM GAPPS 2011.10.02 (Android 2.3.7) - just delete from zip file (system/app) what you don´t want

-> Gallery 3D 2.0 (newest 3D Gallery)

-> Gallery 3D_1.1.30684 (with plain black background, faster & better image quality than 2.0 !!!)

-> LauncherPro 0.8.6

-> Superuser 3.0.6

-> HTC Ime (normal & themed)

-> MarketAccess 1.0.6

-> Music_4.0.1.501

-> S97ramscript by Juwe11 (flashable zip in my folder)

-> GooglePlus_2.1.0.216852 - Install with filemanager (like Astro) as normal apk, uninstall old version first ! (breaks contacts.apk for some people - FC when trying to add a new contact. Works fine for me though, no problems with contacts. You have to try out yourself.)

-> Toggle 2G/3G by TheMasterBaron


You can also browse all my folders by clicking here -> all my MediaFireShareFolders

I tried to include everything useful (Basebands, Smartflash, NVFlash, Recovery, my Themes, Wallpapers, ...)

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