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Plz help me out...

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I got a Dell Streak 5... But it gets stuck on the dell logo and i tryed like 50 things from internet but nothing working...

Now i dont know what to do or what there is on my phone right now...

The only informatie i can give :

that its stuck on dell logo at boot

Got Clockworkmod on it

this is the service tag of the phone if it can help i dont know: 2ldq6k1

I dont really care what android gos on it i just want it to work.... (I would like the best version ofcourse but im happy with just a working streak!)

Plz some1 help me out here....

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Not sure if that version of recovery is compatible with streak

If u know how to use fastboot u should try this recovery image

CWM - http://goaruna.com/s/rU2Sn49rVObsFQ

Or alternatively search for streakmod over at XDA.

I recommend streakmod. These are the only recoveries that work for the streak as far as I know. U might have more luck flashing a custom ROM with it

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