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Best way to install CwM recovery on Linux

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There seem to be two ways of going about it. The first,

./nvflash --bct E1108_Hynix_512MB_H8TBR00U0MLR-0DM_300MHz_final_emmc_x8.bct --bl fastboot.bin --download 14 recovery-clockwork-

is nice and elegant but scares me a little because

  1. it is hardly mentioned on the webs for the O2X (especially the cyanogen wiki)
  2. I have no idea what a bct is
  3. I don't know if it's ok to use the latest recovery from the CWM website
  4. the partioning is different from that of the G2x, could be it's not the same for every O2x
  5. the guide on these forums for nvflashing back to stock is for Windows only
The second method, of pushing psneuter/su/busybox via adb followed by dd'ing CWM or installing from Rom Manager would seem to be OK, but there seems to be some problems doing this with the G2X, such as it not being a proper recovery or even bricking the phone. Which method would you go for?

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