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Madsen Felipe

[solved] Baseband issue on gingerbread releases

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I'm oppening this topic because i see that some users has network issues on the gingerbread releases. That's happens since first v20 build.

I had tried all the possible basebands and ril's, but the result is always the same: instable connection.

- Connection die suddenly and just returns after reboot

- Sometimes the signal of network drop and returns again

- At TIM operator cant get the "H" icon on topbar just 3G, with i can VIVO can get it H normally (it's not a feature, believe in me)

I guess that's something related to baseband because for some users everything goes normal.

Tested basebands:

725 for Gingerbread with matching ril

622 for Gingerbread with matching ril

725 for Froyo with matching ril

0622 for Froyo with matching ril

Hope someone can help, i really love the new Gr4 release, but i can't abdicate data connection for sure.

Problem solved:

1) Disable 'Automatic date/hour settings' on Settings > Date/Hour > Uncheck Automatic

2) Disable or change NTP parameter. In my case, i downloaded the ClockSync app (available at market) and set mannualy the NTP server of my country (in case br.pool.ntp.org)

I really don't know what the relation but until now, i get a stable network connection.

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