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Cheap Mobile Broadband Deal

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Years ago I got a brilliant deal for mobile broadband from a link in the Modaco forums which somebody had kindly posted . Does anybody know of an excellent deal (perhaps not widely advertised) by any of the mobile broadband carriers that is on at the moment. Data use will not be very high but I don't think 5GB per month is enough so looking at the 15Gb deals if possible.

The connection is for a childrens educational charity that need internet provision but can not fit a land line in the property. Being a charity, money is very tight at the moment and any saving on the 'high' monthly cost of mobile broadband would be much appreciated.



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Even though it's against the TOS to tether, for this particular use I can't see anything wrong with it since I easily eat through 20gb a month just on my phone.

You could just go get yourself a three sim card and go with the £15 AYCE (All you can eat) plan. The data usage is ACTUALLY unlimited. I was amazed too.

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