Accessories for Archos 80 G9

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jmagee    19

Just ordered one of these. Does anyone have a suggestions as to where I can find screen protectors and cases for it? Mainly a screen protector as I'm always worried about scratching screens on touch devices.


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DiscoFred78    1

I simply bought a pack of ipad screen protectors from ebay and cut them down to size. I got four for £3 delivered. Or you can pay about £10 for one that claims to fit! I bought one from amazon and sent it back, because it did not fit.


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evad    3

Just came across this today:

Ordered one myself, will see if it's really worth £1.99. ;)


Got this delivered today. It's pretty hard and solid. Fits tablet OK but both sides are sticking out a bit by 3-4mm. Pretty good for the price paid anyway. Photos:




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Alan Munday    0

There are a number of dedicated accessories, including a leather case, which I have and is good, available from http://www.newmp3tec...ccessories.html . They are an official retailer for Archos products.

Noreve of San Tropez, France, also produce a very nice hand made black leather case costing around £45. Other colours and textures can be ordered as well, but take longer and are at up to about £10 extra. This has pockets for credit cards and a meshed opening for the speaker at the back as well as for the stand to be used.

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stormrain    0

Happy new year people :)

So, I bought one bt keyboard like this (well not this one exactly, but one of the hundred identical keyboards sold in ebay that are pretty much the same).

Anyway, it works as it's supposed to (even works as a gamepad for the console emulators that I have), but I have one minor "problem" if I can call it that. Given that my native language is Greek, I haven't found a way to add it to the keyboard. Anyone else using one of these and has successfully managed to add an aditional language to the English default? Could that be managed by using an app for that or it just doesn't work that way?

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