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CM7 nightly

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Hi, What the best baseband for cm7 nighties. Like have good battery life, good data connection,WiFi, sound etc?

Hi, I'm using nightly 181 with baseband 0725 & I get great battery life.


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OK thanks but is the baseband gingerbread or foryo? Which one do i download. DO i install the gingerbread only one or the normal one?

  • Baseband 1035.21_20110725 - DOWNLOAD (Mediafire Pro) - MD5: 703fa0602ef94f64663664fdc738de7d***** DO I USE THIS ONE!!!!!***
  • Baseband 1035.21_20110622 (for Gingerbread only) - DOWNLOAD (Mediafire Pro) - MD5: 5583d05810ffa326b9956bfec479c5d3 ****** OR THIS ONE*****

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