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SU Binary update error for OMC / Skate

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Hi all, I forgot to mention this yesterday...

I dont know whether this only affected me but has anyone updated to the new SU Binary version 3.0.2 and had problems trying to start up a new app which needed root access? I noticed this when I ran Titanium Backup Pro for the first time after flashing CM7 for Skate on a freshly TPT'ed OMC and updating the SU Binary straight after booting up CM7... Infact all my apps which needed root access wouldn't startup after this update... I had to flash and reflash my phone over several times before I realised that Superuser stopped working properly due to this update, an so therefore have kept my Skate running on SU Binary 3.0 with Superuser version 3.0.6... So far Superuser and root access apps have been working without fail...

I also found out that running all the root access apps before updating to the latest 3.0.2 SU Binary did not affect Superuser granting root to these apps, but if that is the case, what I just said contradicts with the paragraph above, yeah? I donno, maybe one of you people could explain better how this is affecting my OMC...

I hope this incident is isolated to just my phone, and hope to see a fix for this!!!... Thanks for reading ^_^

NB. If anybody needs to know how I got this fatal error, then, all I did was I TPT'ed my OMC with the image in this http://dl.dropbox.co...s-skate-tpt.zip file from this post http://android.modac...ost__p__1818757 then in CWM flashed a customised version of CM7 that I created from tilal6991's CM7 (and his help too) for Skate/OMC custom rom to my OMC, once booted up into CM7 ran Superuser and then the binary update and from there on tried running Titanium Backup, Root Explorer, SetCPU, ADFree, etc etc..

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There is, as far as I know an update to the binary - 3.0.3 which fixes this

Yep, I've just updated to this SU Binary this morning and I'm glad it got sorted out promptly... ^_^


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