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LG Optimus 2X 999P Stuck on CyanogenMod 7 LG logo

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You guys are probably exhausted with newbies like me who brick their phones, but I promise I have went through as many threads as I could find concernign this topic and none seemed to help.

I attempted to mod my LG Optimus 2X 999P using the help of wikipedia along with other threads due to my lack of mobile knowledge. I started by rooting the device. This step was easy enough I then started fallowing wikipedia and got ROM Manager which I know find often being complained about, with it I make a backup or so I believe since it did not seem to work. With the same app I installed the cyanogenmod 7 and cleared my factory reset and partition cache.

Everything seemed to be working fine and it stated that the modding was successful. Since then I get stuck at the custom LG logo from boot.


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Did you change the baseband before flashing the rom? See the sticky in here about smartflash and basebands, you should be able to do this and cm may well boot straight away afterwardsir it may need a reflash

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