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[THEMES] GoSMS WindowsPhone7 theme - Over 790 Downloads!! [27 October 2011]

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I have 8 different themes which are single coloured to match each stock accent in Launcher 7. If you want that, please let me know and I'll put all those links. Else you could just search Windows Phone 7 in Go themes. I am only adding those themes here that are gaining popularity on GoSMS - that way it stays sort of 'peer approved'

This is mix blue and green, when you keep swapping tile colours all the time: 70 downloads so far


post-689962-0-89789000-1319718083_thumb. post-689962-0-80595900-1319718124_thumb.

This is blue theme when you have blue tiles : 720 downloads so far



This is green theme when you have green tiles:

Link coming soon...


More colours on their way!

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Will go well with your WP7 themes ;) Also, is there going to be a RC2 soon?

Yeah, Its up but I killed the "handle" in the notification bar: You have to hit the back button instead.

Its not much different from RC1..I think :P

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