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Archos 5 Missing Root Files?

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A friend of mine has an Archos 5, which she says has missing root files.

I don't really have any more info than that. I thought the first port of call would be to head onto Google and look for an OS, not much luck. (Isn't it just a standard Android OS?) I then decided to search for the root files, in hope of just copying them over, but still not much luck.

So what do you think I should do? I have no experience with tablets, but a small amount with Android smartphones which I think will help in the long run - I have a ZTE Blade running a Froyo 2.2 OS, that's all the experience I have from doing that basically.

Anyhow, any help would be highly appreciated - I don't even know what version it is! I need a device driver too, but like I said I'm unsure of the system version.. Should I just download a load of them and hope that one is right? Or is there a multi-version driver?

Thanks! :)

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