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How dust gets inside the OMC screen...

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Hi folks.

Right, I think I have found where dust gets under the digitiser on the OMC. I am now on my fourth OMC (trawl my previous posts to find out why) and I must say that a tiny bit of dust is not a big issue for me, but I thought I'd share what is (I think) the point where dust gets under the front glass (the digitiser). I think it is the top edge of the glass, just above the "Monte Carlo" logo, because the glue that holds the glass down is probably not evenly applied, so as to seal out the ingress of dust and debris.

I'm not sure which method would be best to re-seal the digitiser to prevent further dust from getting under it; maybe it would be best to keep it in a case, but then again, that is not fixing the root of the problem, it's just a quick fix, and the problem still manifests itself if the unit is exposed without a case. If you're competent enough (I certainly am, but have no desire to risk this OR void my warranty [again!]) then you could likely remove the digitiser, apply some glue softening agent and re-apply fresh glue that seals the digitiser completely. That's your choice. I just wanted to share my thoughts on where I think the dust and detritus is getting in.

Regards, and God be with you all.


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I've had dust creep in, I use a watchmaker screwdriver to open it up and a very soft art brush, natural bristle, to remove the dust. would not touch the digitiser with anything else except perhaps pressurized air from a can but even that may create a static charge that might cause problems.

Dust still creeps in though :angry: . Will look at the area you've highlighted, glossywhite.

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