NIGHTLY UPDATES 7.1.0: CyanogenMod for the LG Optimus 2X FREE Online Kitchen - auto updating nightlies

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Ah, somebody else seems to have noticed that Titanium isn't always 100% for restoring system data. It killed my WiFi on a previous restore, it would turn on and then turn itself off a few seconds later. As Tsaglis says, I use it only for restoring Apps - the minor Home Screen tweaks I can easily do but setting up K9Mail, Twitter etc just gets frustrating.

I've yet to try my cooked ROM which I did yesterday, just need a spare hour or so to back-up and have a tinker...

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Right, I'm on my custom-baked ROM as of 3 hours ago. It's working reasonably well...

1. GPS is doing what it should (a fairly fast fix, even indoors where it wouldn't play at all on BlazingDragon).

2. I seem to have lost the ability to Screenshot via the Power button menu - It offers the option but doesn't take an image. I really liked the BlazingDragon method of holding Power+Home. On CM7, ScreenShot (Kastor Soft) takes a black image :(

3. The internal vs microSD storage mounts are different so the DCIM is now saving on the external card which I'd prefer it didn't.

4. The phone network remains on "T-Mobile Orange" which is what I prefer it on (I'm on contract Orange and get 100% HSPA despite them being on the same tower)

5. Notification LEDs - Great to have them back for when the phone is on silent.

6. The "Force Close" when holding the Backup button option in CM7 is something I missed in BD.

7. The Camera app in CM7 actually remembers the Flash setting - BD kept reverting to "auto". Probably just a case of being clever and ensuring I captured that "Kodak moment" (well, they've gone bust now but hey ho!).

8. Also miss the LG Gesture of being able to tap the phone's side to knock the cursor about - A small miss but handy for simple text corrections.

Thanks to the forum team for the kitchen facility :)

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Is kitchen still running? Ive seen that today was relased new nightly of CM7 so I went here and done my bake, but links are not coming :-( (Have checked all folders)

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