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New G8 firmware 2.4.65

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Great !

Version 2.4.65 - October 20th, 2011

  • Internationalization: add Korean translations support
  • Video: improve SMI subtitle support and provide better subtitle codepage/encoding detection
  • Applications: increase reactivity of applications constantly updating sound volume without any change in value (e.g. fruit ninja)
  • A101 accessory: add support for Archos 3G key
  • A101 accessory: add support for some USB Ethernet adapters (chipsets: RTL8150, ASIX AX88xxx, Davicom DM9601, SMSC LAN75xx, SMSC LAN95xx, NetChip 1080, MosChip MCS7830)
  • A70 hard drive based devices: fix unit loosing mass storage happening sometimes on recent models
  • Accelerometer: apply calibration right away without requiring a reboot to take effect
  • PTP: fix USB host camera support


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Quite funny looking at the first and second post update 2.4.65 and the second post "the updates are coming really fast".

The final update to 2.4.83 android 2.2.1 came out in march 2012.

What a disgrace from a large multinational company to leave everyone with expensive doorstops after just 2 years..

It should not be upto xda, yourselfs and others to develop the system archos originally put together.

I have a 101 it g8 and a 10 g2 both of which cant even run google play without messing about for some time, and have to rely on a second rate appslib.

Needless to say I wont be purchasing anymore poor quality expensive archos products to hold my doors open in the summer.

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Archos means low price.

Low price = not update even for reliable hardware.

Still have a 101IT but...

For the same price now, I could have a Nexus.

Looking at Archos market results, it is going down...

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