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Today I installed clockworkmod recovery then proceeded to successfully install the Vanilla Edition ROM. I was having trouble with WiFi which I use daily so decided to try out CM7 instead. Had nothing but issues with trying to get this working and thought ill head back to Vanilla.

Now I have tried many many times to install Vanilla back on but it simply will no go. It goes through the motions stating it has been installed but when I reboot it appears as though its loading the stock LG but sticks with the blue loading line. I then went to recover only to find I have accidently/stupidly wiped the SD card of its content at some point.

I cannot get Vanilla back on and cannot recover as it stands, any suggestions from the educated out there.

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Replied in haste.........never to be done again

Think I was just full of joy for the fact my phone had sprung back into life. Apologies Rusty, although Diehard isnt too bad

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