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Hey guys.

How do i install the stock contacts app that is present within the stock omc Rom?

It has a similar interface to the go contacts app... where you can quick find contacts using the dialpad and isn't as resource intensive as the go app...

I've tried installing the apk from the stock Rom by extracting and running it from within the filer. It just says not installed. Tried copying the apk into the gapps zip too in a bid to install via recovery but that fails to install too. Does anybody have any ideas or could point me in the direction of a similar contacts app that is light and has the quick contact find feature via the dialpad?

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alright, so after more reading,

it seems i need to adb push the apps onto the phone.

I've done exactly that after uninstalling all contacts apps and it even appears to be successful. i get the write rate under the command.

but i dont see the contacts app installed on my phone.

it isn't in the app drawer or under antek manager either.

what am i doing wrong?


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