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Techincal detail

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Since a few people have asked:

## system memory map

02500000-025fffff : ram_console
02600000-0fffffff : System RAM
02631000-02ca7fff : Kernel text
02cc8000-02de56ff : Kernel data
9c004300-9c0043ff : smc91x.0
a0000000-a001ffff : kgsl_reg_memory
a0000000-a001ffff : kgsl
a0200000-a0200fff : msm_serial_hs.0
a0400000-a0400fff : msm_sdcc.1
a0500000-a0500fff : msm_sdcc.2
a0800000-a08003ff : msm_hsusb
a0800000-a08003ff : msm_otg
a0a00000-a0a007ff : msm_nand_phys
a9900000-a9900fff : msm_i2c.0
a9900000-a9900fff : msm_i2c
a9c00000-a9c00fff : msm_serial.2
aa200000-aa2effff : mdp
aa600000-aa600fff : pmdh[/code]
[code]## mtd table

dev: size erasesize name
mtd0: 00600000 00020000 "recovery"
mtd1: 00400000 00020000 "boot"
mtd2: 00180000 00020000 "splash"
mtd3: 00080000 00020000 "misc"
mtd4: 03980000 00020000 "cache"
mtd5: 0dc00000 00020000 "system"
mtd6: 0a280000 00020000 "userdata"
mtd7: 00100000 00020000 "oem"
mtd8: 00180000 00020000 "persist"

## kernel config.gz


Anyone need anything else?


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