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HTC announce first round of devices to get ICS upgrades

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HTC have just confirmed via their Facebook page the first round of devices that will receive an upgrade to Android 4.0.

First on the list is the new HTC Vivid, which goes on sale today, the others are all current devices:

  • Sensation

  • Sensation XL

  • Sensation XE

  • Rezound

  • Evo 3D

  • Design 4G

  • Amaze 4G

Describing the above list as 'the first wave' it would appear more handsets are going to join the above in due course, there's no firm date at present, only committing to 'early 2012'.

No doubt the release of the Vivid and the list today is no coincidence, HTC obviously want prospective customers who want Google's latest and greatest to know that the handset is a safe investment. Todays announcement makes HTC only the second device manufacturer to confirm devices that will receive ICS, the other being Sony a couple of weeks back. We're not going to count LG who have only grudgingly acknowledged that the 2x will be upgraded after a 'slight miscommunication' by their colleagues in India.

Source: HTC Facebook

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Just don't make any purchases based on HTC "confirmations", as these carry no date/time commitments from their side. The HTC Flyer still hasn't received its promised Honeycomb upgrade more than six months after it's release! If you want an ICS device, buy it off the shelf pre-installed! HTC seems to have lost a bit of their "Touch" in this regard!

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