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Increasing Text Size + HTC Font

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Hello guys, is it possible to increase the text size in a START MENU? I have increased the text size in Popup meus by key: HKLM System GWE Menu PopFnt Ht from value "750" to "1100", but in Start menu it is still very very small and ugly. Any advice?

And my second question, can we have the HTC font on i900? I think it can be done by Manila SDK, I think, but I am not sure, so please help me.


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You must change StartMenu_GridScene_240x400 in your \windows folder.

Edit this line:

<Text ID="Text" Left="10" Top="12" Width="240" Height="45" FontFamily="Droid" FontSize="13" ForeColor="#DDE0DD" BackColor="#DDE0DD" Wrap="True" Trimming="EllipsisCharacter" />

You can change also your startmenu font, but first put the font in the windows\font map..

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