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Best Samsung Galaxy S2 Applications? Post You Favourites!

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It depends on what things you want to do with your phone. I suggest that you check the getjar and android market websites.

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I personally hate touchwiz so installed Go Launcher EX instead and you can't go wrong with GTA 3 for a bit of gaming :)

But it really depends on what you want from your phone.

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Had my Galaxy S2 for about 2 weeks now, and I have made so many changes:

First of all get your phone rooted, its worth it and its easy to do!!!


MyBackupPro - Backup and freeze unwanted app.s to improve battery performance

Beautiful Widgets - Great graphix

Apps Organiser - Folder on your desktop

LauncherPro Plus - Instead of the usual Launcher, so many customisation options. (Including pages, hide apps, doc bar etc.)

MX Video Player - Plays almost any video file

AdFree- Hide those annoying adds

ASTRO - Great file manager

Android Assistant / ES Task Manager - Quick boost and stop programme on startup

Tasker - Hard to describe this one, but you can create profile that will automatically start and change setting on apps starting or when power cable is plugged in. - Great for saving your battery.

K-9 For Pure - Better email app. and alerter

Gallery Excluded - Hide videos and images from your gallery...

CallRecorder - Automatically record made and received calls


Asphalt 6 HD

Can Knockdown

Dead Space


Need For Speed - Hot Pursuit


Modern Combat 3


Paradise Ialand

Samurai II




Special Enquiry



X Construction

Let me know if there are any other good apps or games i don't know about...


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