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How to hex-edit your original OMC WiFi MAC into the QPST *.QCN backup of NVITEMS

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This shows you how to replace the "11:22:33:44:55:66" placeholder MAC which is flashed into your OMC when you unlock it, with the *original* OMC MAC address. If you took a *.QCN backup of NVITEMS using QPST *before* you unlocked the OMC, IE before the original MAC was overwritten by the placeholder MAC from the unlock solution, you don't need to do this - you'll just flash your pre-unlocked-state *.QCN backup back into the OMC with QPST:

AGAIN: This is for OMCs which have been unlocked and THEN backed up to a *.QCN file with QPST, **NOT** for OMCs which have a *.QCN backup of the **original**, pre-unlocked NVITEMS

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