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Acer accidentally let slip news of A510/A511 Tegra 3 Tablets

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Launching new devices is tricky, in recent years even Apple have had a few glitches keeping the "iron curtain of PR" drawn until the intended reveal. :lol:

This week it's the turn of Acer to have a slight organisational hiccup, with two new user agent profiles on the Acer Support site giving some tidbits away on a couple of their next-gen Android tablets.

If you don't mind trawling a little XML, the two files give some hints as to how the next-gen Iconia Tab Android tablets will size up, it's not a huge amount to go on but it's still early days.

Both of the new tablets appear to be based on Nvidia's Tegra 3 quad-cored SoC, with a 1280x800 display, bluetooth and some multimedia capabilities. Of the two models, the A510 appears to be the obligatory WiFi-only unit, whereas the XML for the A511 mentions GPRS, SMS, CSD etc so would appear to be a 3G variant.

Source: A510 A511 @Acer Support Blog of Mobile

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