Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Released to AOSP!

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Karucifer    1

As mentioned earlier, there have been murmurs that Google would be releasing Android 4.0 to AOSP this week, Notion Ink thought we'd see it on the 17th. This suprised us as Google's recent track record with AOSP releases has been about as reliable as their policy for releasing major updates to GEDs.

So, we're frankly stunned to report that 3 days before the Galaxy Nexus release in the UK, that Ice Cream Sandwich has been released to AOSP! :lol:

Jean-Baptiste Queru said:

Hi! We just released a bit of code we thought this group might be interested in.

Over at our Android Open-Source Project git servers, the source code

for Android version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) is now available.

If you're a Nexus S owner hoping that means your update is imminent, while we can't discount the possibility, early inspection suggests that the only build target is maguro (Galaxy Nexus) with no sign of crespo (Nexus S) as yet.

Hit up the link below to read the full post and get info on how to check out the source, if you're so inclined.

Source: Google Groups

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Lew247    4

Yah hopefully someone can do something to make the Galaxy S2 even more spectacular now

Thanks for the new

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Matty-p    98

Awesome news!


ot/ erm lew you know you can just click edit (i would do it for you but im too lazy) :)

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