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CyanogenMOD soon to hit 7.2?

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Yesterday, a little commit was merged into the Gingerbread branch of CyanogenMOD which caught our eye. The change suggests that the most popular and beloved custom android ROM is about to get updated. The comment, "Bump to 7.2.0-RC0" sets our spidey senses tingling, it looks like we're not far from a new RC/stable release for all supported devices!

Reading through the latest commits there's much cleaning of code going on, but there are also additional features regarding lockscreens, more options for power widgets made available and so on. There aren’t many significantly new features in this release, but some like gestures for keyboard, gestures for music control from the lockscreen etc. have found their way in. The default launcher, ADW, has got some scroll tuning and other bug fixes too.

This release seems more like a perfection of code, rather than new and fresh features - and that isn't a bad thing! It can also be speculated whether this release is being pushed now to focus on ICS rather than use efforts to enhance CM7.

A tweet from Cyanogen himself hinted that the ICS port will take some time, but he also assured that CM7.2 would see the light of day (which is what's going on right now). From previous experiences we can assume CM9 nightlies from some weeks to months. As always TeamDouche won't give an ETA, but we can all be sure they're working hard to give us all that enhanced AOSP experience. We'll keep you posted!

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