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How to root Mini/MiniPro without Bootloader unlock

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Hi all. Just got hold of Xperia MiniPro SK17i locked to O2. Not interested in unlocking as I am on giffgaff. But, i would like to root it to clean out the tat etc. At the same time I am not to keen on unlocking the bootloader, as it could cause problems in the future (upgrades etc) I decided that i would try this method by DooMLoRD at XDA. Using some code from Gingerbreak, It allows full root without unlocking the bootrom or with a custom kernel etc. Just a standard Mini/MiniPro.

Instructions pinched and cleaned up.

Download this

Make sure you have PCC or SEUS drivers installed.

1: Turn on usb debugging

2: Turn on unknown sources

3: Disable PIN security (just temporarily), or remove the sim card temporarily

4: Make sure you don't have any running apps, and disable your PC Antivirus software.

5: Start the runme.bat

If it fails to work, reboot the PC and Mini/MiniPro and try again.

Worked for me first time. Bootloader still locked, still locked to O2, and with ROOT!

Cheers to DooMLoRD and team. Cheers vadonka for info.

If I have broken any rules please delete/edit etc.

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