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Full tutorial to root and flash stock roms on Zte Racer

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Here is what you have to do

Root and install recovery CWM(gen1)

1.If you didn't root your Racer still you must do that to flash recovery and stock roms

2.The easy way to root your Racer is to use Visionary.apk(thanks to 4pda forum)

3.install this apk,and first temproot your devices,and then try to permanent root,after succes root your device,the phone will reboot itself and you have succeded rooting Zte Racer

4.After that you must install CWM recovery stock

5.Thanks to Racer Boy you have Fastboot Racer,find them in Zte Racer Rom and Roms costumization topics

6.Download the files and exctract them to C:drive on your pc,install the drivers and restart your pc

7.Turn off your phone,press power button and volume +(to enter fastboot mode)

8.go into the folder of Fastboot Racer,and click install recovery windows,if your phone is not recognized by pc,repeat the steps

9.After you succes writing the recovery on your phone,it will reboot itself and BINGO

10.disconnect your phone from pc,turn it off and then press power button and volumume down to enter recovery mode,if shows you have succesfully put recovery on your Racer

Always make backup of your current rom and software before flashing any new rom!(this is very important)

Flashing new rom and backing up the current one

1.enter recovery mode,in the screen menu go to "'backup and restore"",click backup,and it will start to back up boot img,recovery img,system img,dataimg.and sdextimg.(if you have partitioned your sd card already)

2.to flash new rom,you must put the rom on your sd card,it must be in zip file

3.in the recovery screen menu click wipe data/factoy reset,then wipe cache partition

4.then go to mounts and storage

5.format boot

6.format data

7.format system

8.format cache

9.format sdext

10.it is very important to unmount data,system,cache and sd ext before formating

11.you can do this in the same screen

12.after this in the first recovery screen go to advanced,then wipe dalvick cache and wipe battery stats

13.after all of this done,return to first screen of recovery mode

14.choose install zip from sd card(for example cm7 257 Racer Boy rom.zip)

15.it will install this rom and next thing is to choose from the first screen of recovery mode reboot system now

16,and that is all you have to do


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