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Black out screen during call

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One thing tha has been annoying for some time and I could not seem to find a solution.

I am using ZTE official 2.3.4 rom.

When I answer a call (without headset), the screen blacks out, which is normal.

But the screen stays black even when I move it away from my ear.

There are times I need the screen to come back such as inputing numbers in interactive call, or put it on speaker.

Pressing any buttons or combinatio of buttons cannot bring the screen back.

I cannot even hang up.

Even if make a call, the screen blacks out 1-2 seconds after I hit the call button. I could get it stay on only if I bring up the keypad before it goes black.

The screen comes back only a few seconds AFTER the other party hang up. If the other party does not hang up, the screen will stay black forever such as in interactive call.

I have been trying to find any relevant settings for this but do not succeed.

Any one can throw some light on this?

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Agree with the above poster as I used to have that issue with my blade. Just calibrating the sensors sorted the issue. Using the CM 7 port and there is a built in calibration tool provided.

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Just repeat tilal6991's fix in that thread:


type this into dialer - *983*0#. Go to sensors and while not covering the sensor click calibrate.


That does it!

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