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[Q] Is anyone else experiencing laggy screen rotation?

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One thing has been bugging me ever since I got this device, and that is that the screen rotation lags several seconds, some times quite a few seconds.

This seems to be happening in all apps I've tried but the camera, the camera app for whatever reason rotates instantaneously. But TweetDeck, the browser, gallery, Gmail, to name a few, lags several seconds after rotating the device before rotating the screen.

At first I thought there was something wrong with my accelerator, or gyro or whatever they use to detect device orientation, but seeing as how the camera is lightning fast, I'm beginning to wonder if its something in ICS itself causing this.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

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Yeah just checked this out. It almost seems as if there is a deliberate delay. Maybe to prevent accidental rotation? Sure a custom ROM will fix this if needed

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That might be it, but playing around with it a bit by rotating the device and then back again after a second or so, the call for rotation has already been triggered and the screen will rotate to landscape even tho I've already turned it back to portrait.

This doesn't happen all the time but often enough for me to believe the standard rotation method is just slow, and the times it doesn't trigger using the method above is simply because another call to rotate the screen back has been triggered and canceled out the original call.

This is all conjecture of course since I haven't seen the code, but it seems odd to me to do this deliberately to prevent accidental rotation knowing it will adversely affect perceived performance. I mean accidental rotation isn't that big of a problem.

Of course to others this might not be an issue at all :) But showing a colleague a youtube video the other day and rotating the phone to go into full screen, I literally had time to say "Any second now...", which was a bit embarrassing ;)

Edit: Good example of where it becomes a real issue is in the market, viewing landscape screenshots (e.g. games). The screen will rotate to landscape, but if you back out, you will experience that delay in rotation before anything happens at all. The whole system freezes up waiting for the screen to rotate back :(

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