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HTC Flyer wont turn on

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Hello there,

I'm really desperate as I have this problem and I hope someone could help me, I'd be really grateful.

My following problem is :

I have an HTC FLYER and I tried to flash a new hboot FROM HERE http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=17481836&postcount=2 but mistakenly it was from another device, now my FLYER wont turn on at all.

Can someone help me how to flash a new hboot so my device can finally power up ? Please I really need my HTC FLYER to start working.

I tried running ADB and "adb devices" but my device serial doesn't how in the list of attached devices and i don't know neither how to flash the new hboot through adb.

Please I'm really desperate, I hope someone can help me . I'm really afraid my Htc Flyer is dead.

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