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ICS Rom available now

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Downloading now....

Edit: Do not see CSC file - will use XAKL1 CSC; everything is already deodexed; includes some games.

Will try to have a version tomorrow. Have school 6 days a week now because of Bangkok floods - have to make up the time.

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Here is a comment from [email protected] if you haven't read it.

The important :

what wasn't working :

DATA (some people managed to get internet, maybe it's just the way I flashed it via Odin ?)

Changing wallpaper : I can only chose a wallpaper from my galery.

Screen capture ( I tried ALL the way trust me )

resizable widget : I can't resize the gmail widget for exemple..

calendar : It force close everytime

Smoothness : everything works almost flawlessly, but something you swype the screen to the left and it goes to the right, vice versa.

Screen : there's all the screen mode : movie,standard and dynamic.

face unlock : pretty cool feature it worked even in mid light situation

speed : when I was on gingerbread my phone was always at 800Mhz and it's running as smooth as it was

Force close : I get about 2-3 forces closes every 5 minutes

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Guys & Gals:

I am going to pass on this version of ICS. It seems to be an alpha version and is a little flaky.

When the next release comes out I will evaluate then decide on a course of action.

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