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MIUI Preview 4.0 and Release Early Nexus S ROM

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ICS has got some wind in it's sails regarding custom ROM development, and we can see that our beloved developers are working really hard to get these tender lines of code to run on our devices. CM9 has seen some alpha builds, and now MIUI's turn to show off their progress. This Sunday a video was posted on youtube with the Mi One from Xiaomi running the new MIUI 4.0 with Android 4.0.1. It really looks like MIUI is moving in the right direction when it comes to design, less 2007 and more 2011. Posted Image

Today a preview build of MIUI 4.0 was released for Nexus S owners!

It's really great to see that the MIUI folk are working in harmony with ICS design principles, enhancing the design with their unique touches rather than replacing it. The messaging app has been tweaked, the dialer has been enhanced and so on. The launcher follows ICS styling, including the app drawer - which is a smart move in our opinion! Overall this build seems to run fast and smooth, and we're eagerly awaiting launches for more devices!


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