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Ninja's Unboxing 3: 8-Bit Fisty-cuffs

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As a self-respecting Android fan, you'd be willing to punch and kick a couple hundred ninjas in the head to get a Nexus, right? Thought as much, and so did Google. Enter Ninja's Unboxing 3, an interactive 8-bit YouTube game where the aim is to manhandle pyjama-clad warriors until you reach your goal: the precious Galaxy Nexus.

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This excellent Streets-of-Rage-style game, with a brilliant soundtrack, was presented via the +Android page on Google+, and is well worth a few minutes of your button-bashing time, as are the previous NinjaUnboxing videos found on the page.

Despite being slain by a rather large chap with a rather large sword, I enjoyed it enough to download the full version, called Clash of the Nexus Ninjas , to my Galaxy Nexus (which I didn't kick anyone for) so try it for yourself from the Android Market link below.

Clash of the Nexus Ninjas Market Link

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