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20 dec [Theme] CirclesMod

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So of course I had to get a Galaxy Nexus...well...truth be told I managed to order one from Amazon by mistake.

Here's a pro tip: Don't use Amazon's shopping basket as a notebook if you've got 1-click ordering turned on.

But hey, It's a fabulous phone, and I guess I'm gonna keep it :)

After having stared at its unimaginative statusbar icons for a few days, though, I felt there was a certain circular aspect missing from its UI, so I took a deeeep breath and fired up Photoshop. I've kept the style similar to my previous iterations of CirclesMod, but the icons are completely redrawn to make use of the Nexus' higher display resolution, and also incorporating some of my ideas from the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Looks like this ...


... mobile data vs. WiFi on. Battery percentage.

Here it is for the ITL41F-based MCR Pre- Ir7 release, which is my own weapon of choice a.t.m.


Disclaimer one: As for updates and versions, I'm sort of throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks. I take suggestions and constructive criticism.

Disclaimer zero: I'm pre-supposing that you already know what to do with flashable zips, and that you accept responsibility for your own actions. Use your head, keep your device backed up and so on and so forth.

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