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USB Host and keyboard layouts

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Is there anyway to have it use another(in this case, danish) keyboard layout for the keyboards connected via USB?

Also not sure if this is a MCR or Google issue, but if i connect my mouse to it, it will not use the softkeyboard as it apparently thinks it's a keyboard :)

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I pushed modified maps & layouts into the system/usr/keychars & keylayout folders of the Gnex to use an azerty keyboard.

Well, main keys were working but some combinations were crashing apps (ctrl or cmd +A) etc...

Then I noticed I was unable to use the power button (even without keyboard connected) as it was triggering a google search and other push of power button were adding "<" into the search field.

I deleted modified keylayouts and replaced with old files (fortunately I had 'em renamed before modifying 'em), then everything was working again (but no custom layout atm).

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