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Please Help Trystan34

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//Resolved. Delete post.


Hi there,

I am new to rooting and flashing etc

I have an LG Optimus 2X

I want to over clock my phone to 1.5GHz

I still have stock rom on froyo 2.2.2


Baseband 1035.21_20110614

Kernel version

Build number FRG83G

LGE Version LGP990-V10c

I have rooted with super one click.

Can someone please help me? I want to over clock to 1.5GHzand make it fast as possible. Could you please tell me step by step how to dothis and what rom to use and is the rom in a beta and has bugs or is ok. I am currentlyon the stock rom. I have made a back up using rom manager but I hear it’s notgood now. I have backed up all my apps using Titanium Backup. I may needanother method for Nandroid Backup.

I am a bit scared of changing my rom from stock. Is it possibleto make my own rom which is the stock one?

I heard that the update to Ginger bread was not good and hasa bad camera app not like in 2.2.2. Is the rom that gives you 2.5GHz e.g. CM 7going to be a different camera app to the one in froyo?


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Best Froyo ROM by far ... custom baked FR19.

I've tried several official and custom Gingerbread ROMS (this implies having to flash a different Baseband), including CM7 and MIUI and always returned to FR19 (no need to update your Baseband).

If you become an AD FREE member, use the MCK available in the FR19 kitchen. This kernel is mature, fast and stable (without OCing).

If you REALLY/REALLY want to OC/UV you can use NEOBLAZE or SWIFTEXTREME (recommended) from the XDA forums.

Personally, I think the HORSEPOWER kernel is ... ( choosing my words carefully ) ... controversial and speculative.

Most of the topics mentioned above have a small guide on how to proceed.

Start by:

a ) ROOTing your device with "Super One Click" (you've already done that)

b ) Install ROM Manager from Market and CWM

c ) Boot to recovery and make a backup of your current ROM.

Remember: you are voiding your warranty.

TIP: Try forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1090785 for a better camera app.

TIP2: Flashing a ROM sometimes implies updating the RIL. Use GETRIL (on the Market) to keep/check your Baseband and RIL are in sync.

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