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Unrooted S-ON Stock Sensation - After official update touchscreen dead

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my GF owns a unrooted S-ON completely stock Sensation and did the official german t-mobile update (sorry we did not write the number down).

After the update the phone boots but the touchscreen does not work. You can't enter the pin code and also the volume buttons does not work. Only the power button works "a little bit". You can turn on / off screen but you can't open the shutdown menu.

I can enter Bootloader but as it's locked i don't know what i can do there. Fastboot reboot-bootloader works, adb doesn't.

I already tried to boot without SIM and SD but the touchscreen doesn't work either. Also i tried to connect it to the pc but as usb debugging seems to be turned off i can't reach the device with adb.

Is it possible to mount the file system to backup some data?

Or is there any other way to apply a official htc firmware WITHOUT DELETING ALL USER DATA?

Thank you very much confused.gif

PS I should have rooted / s-offed it before, damn it... ;-)

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