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San Francisco 2 User Dictionary

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I got a new San Francisco 2 phone recently, and I love it. But one big problem is that whenever I text somebody or email somebody, I have to individually type in words that are not included in the dictionary (such as place names, slang, foreign terms etc).

This is very annoying as I repeatedly use some of these non dictionary entrants in many communications with the same person, and the predictive text doesn't know these words.

On my old HTC Wildfire there used to be a function under "Language and Keyboard" called User Dictionary where I could individually add words to the in-built memory on the phone.

Where is this function on the SF2???

I've looked in manuals, forums and everywhere. It's nowhere to be found.

I take it there simply isn't that function available on this phone for whatever reason? If not, does anybody know of a good app?

Cheers guys.

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